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CPH Easy Transport

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About us

CPH Easy Transport is a company registered in Denmark since 2015.
Our main activity is moving and relocating private customers in Denmark, but we also ensure logistic support for companies.
Relocating to countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland is something that we did in the past and we will continue to do so in the future.
For private customers we can provide transportation services from furniture stores ( IKEA, JYSK, ILVA and any other ) and of course support for assembling the furniture ( when needed ).
For companies we have the following services: relocation, courier service and distribution.
CPH Easy Transport’s overall goal is to provide you with a service which is efficient, safe and easy.

How it started

In May 2015 CPH Easy Transport was created by D. Robert as an alternative for students who had to move their belongings in Copenhagen. 
Starting on a new road is quite challenging and not one of the easiest things in life but with hard work and positive thinking we have managed to create a good network and continuing to provide quality service for those in need of transportation.